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Reiki Workshops

If you’re looking for a choice of Reiki Workshops as a continuation of developing your Reiki, then please look no further. Additionally, they offer many benefits including, enhancement of your wellbeing while expanding your knowledge and awareness. Furthermore, I have lovingly crafted each workshop as a means of continuing my professional development. Of course, if you attend, you will also be continuing your own professional development. Read on for further information.

Reiki Workshops

When booking on for a workshop listed below, you should already be in receipt of a Reiki attunement.* Additional information regarding Reiki attunement can be found here.

Manifesting with Reiki

Objective: Learn how to power your goal setting with Reiki to achieve success.

We all have our goals that we want to achieve, but sometimes we need to try a different approach. Also, we need to understand what blockages we are creating to prevent our success.

Join me for this workshop and let me show you how Reiki can empower you and your chances of achieving success. Furthermore, I will also grow your knowledge of chakras, introspection and positive affirmation setting.

Finally, feel free to read, Goal Setting with Reiki that will give you more of an idea about this workshop.

  • Status: LIVE
  • Duration: 4-5 hrs
  • Cost: £65
  • Limited to four attendees. Can also be provided one-to-one.

Crystals and Reiki

Crystals and Reiki is a workshop aimed at you if you already have a basic understanding of crystals, chakras, and how they work. If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to crystals, my Crystal Therapy Workshop is recommended.

Let me show you how I use crystals during Reiki with my client. Not only does this enhance your client’s wellbeing, it also provides you with a deeper understanding of your client’s needs.

  • Status: LIVE
  • Duration: 4-5 hrs
  • Cost: £65
  • Limited to four attendees. Can also be provided one-to-one.

Reiki Relaxation Workshop

How successful are you with relaxing your client prior to Reiki?

Without doubt, I consider a Reiki deepener to be an essential part of a Reiki treatment. Furthermore, knowing how to do this successfully allows you to fully experience the love of Reiki.

Allow me to teach you the skills and benefits of investing in this essential part of your therapy.

  • Duration: 4 – 5 hrs
  • Cost: £65
  • Evenings or Weekdays
  • Limited to four attendees. Can also be provided one-to-one.

Reiki Refresher

Sometimes life gets in the way of our Reiki practice and therefore, we lose confidence or forget how to do it. Your session will be personalised to your requirements no matter who you trained with previously.

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Reiki Workshops
Reiki Workshops with Amanda

Reasons for creating Reiki Workshops

Firstly, if you’re like me, you may well reach a stage of your Reiki development and feel a yearning to learn more. Unfortunately, when I reached this stage, I was struggling to find something suitable. This is especially true if you’re not into Reiki retreats, not that I’ve got anything against them. Clearly, I’m still looking for one that appeals to me.

I know that we don’t all hold the same values but personally, I like to incorporate Reiki into my daily life but I also like to be free with it. Therefore, I like to find ways of experimenting with Reiki that further enhances my wellbeing. Indeed, the Reiki workshops provided above are the successful results of my experimenting.

Continuing your Professional Development with Reiki Workshops

Without a doubt, if you’re a member of a professional Reiki organisation, one of your requirements is to keep a record of your CPD, (Continued Professional Development).

Subsequently, this is a further reason for creating my Reiki workshops as a means to assisting you with completing your CPD. It’s most certainly my intention to inspire your creativity when undertaking self-Reiki to enhance your overall wellbeing.

Finally, I’m also contributing to my own CPD with my continued Reiki and incorporating various practices to achieve clearly defined goals. Each workshop includes CPD information and a bibliography to support my research and your continued development.

Amanda’s Commitment to you and Reiki

There are many Reiki organisations that are created to ensure Mikao Usui’s original teachings are not lost. I am a proud member of the UK Reiki Federation and I agree to upholding the UK Reiki Council’s code of practice. This ensures that you will also receive a high standard of Usui training.

There are certain schools of Reiki that have moved significantly away from the way that Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui, practised and taught Reiki. These changes are not recognised by the Reiki Council which is dedicated to the Usui System of Reiki. This is the form of Reiki that is recognised for professional practise in the UK.
Reiki Council member organisations adhere to in-person training and attunements using the traditional Usui Reiki system and symbols.

Reiki Council

*Please note that when booking a workshop, you will need to provide evidence of having your Reiki attunement in person.