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Reiki FAQ

This Reiki FAQ page has been set up to answer your questions about Reiki. Please feel free to get in touch with Amanda if you still have any questions.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

Some people refer to a Reiki attunement as an initiation into Reiki.
It is a sacred ritual whereby you undergo a process of becoming attuned to the vibration of Reiki. This process has an advantage of clearing out stagnant energy to allow you to channel Reiki. Only a Reiki Master can perform a Reiki attunement.

I’ve never had a Reiki treatment. Will this affect my training?

Prior to receiving my first Reiki attunement, I had never experienced a Reiki treatment.

If you have never experienced Reiki and you would like a treatment prior to booking training, please get in touch.

Why do you not perform Reiki degree 1 and 2 in the same weekend?

Although some Reiki masters can provide attunements for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 over the same weekend, it’s not advisable due to the amount of healing energy being taken. Too much in a short space of time can lead to a healing crisis.

A student needs time to heal before sending healing energy to others. All suppressed emotions will be released following an attunement and due to the higher vibrational energy, the body is experiencing, it can take up to seven weeks to heal as your body is cleansed on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
This is why it’s important to perform a 21-day self-cleansing following an attunement.

Undertaking your journey of self-healing and learning Reiki is an important step to take. There are life changing aspects that lie ahead of you that can free you of the mundane struggles you face. In my own case, I now manage my anxiety, I’ve manifested my dreams and I’m a lot happier. I made a commitment to my soul and the Universe to follow and live by the Reiki principles. The amount of time and energy you invest is a measure of your self-worth.

If I receive my Reiki Master Practitioner Level 3a, can I provide attunement to Reiki?

No, because you haven’t been trained to provide the attunement at each level of Reiki. You will also not receive insurance without a valid Reiki Master Teacher certificate.

How do I book a Reiki Attunement?

Future dates of Reiki attunements can be found here however, I can sometimes accommodate requests for training outside of these dates. Please get in touch to discuss!
Upon agreeing a date for your Reiki attunement, I will request a non-refundable deposit of 50% to be payable a week prior to your course date. Your terms and conditions can be found here.

Are there any times that a Reiki attunement or Reiki cannot be provided?

Due to the flow of healing energy, you must not be under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. Other considerations will be discussed during your consultation.

How do I prepare for a Reiki attunement?

Do not partake in alcohol or recreational drugs within 24 hours of your Reiki attunement.
Try not to surround yourself with negative people, places or events within 24 hours. I understand that this is difficult, but should something occur, ensure you take time out to relax and ground your energy. Please speak to me if you require advice.
Drink plenty of water
Try to moderate your intake of caffeine, energy drinks, sweets, chocolate and smoking cigarettes
Have a nice relaxing few days with events and activities that nurture your soul

Can I do my next Reiki attunement with you if I’ve been trained elsewhere?

Yes providing you can show me your USUI Reiki certificate that shows you have received your attunement of Reiki in person.
There are certain schools of Reiki that have moved significantly away from the way that Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui, practised and taught Reiki. These changes are not recognised by the Reiki Council which is dedicated to the Usui System of Reiki. This is the form of Reiki that is recognised for professional practice in the UK.
Reiki Council member organisations adhere to in-person training and attunements using the traditional Usui Reiki system and symbols.
The Reiki Council

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the channelling of Universal healing energy that assists your body to achieve a high level of physical and emotional well-being. It works by gently dissolving any stagnant blocks of energy within, to facilitate the free flow of Universal energy throughout your meridians and, chakras.
Practiced regularly, Reiki is a consistent and vital means of relieving and releasing stress, tension, and hypertension. It’s wonderfully relaxing and is highly beneficial for not just humans, but for any living thing.Discover Reiki

What are the benefits of Reiki?

The main benefits of a Reiki session are as follows: –

Releases your stress, which if allowed to remain can lead to illness
An effective way of creating a high level of well-being by balancing your mind and emotions
Heals your body, mind, and spirit
Develops a positive attitude
Expands your creativity
Enhances your personal growth
Increases your energy
Is extremely calming and relaxing
Reiki can help you to relieve pain and insomnia
Reiki can also speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illness
Using crystals doubles the healing energy

Are there any side effects to receiving Reiki?

Some people and practitioners can experience what is known as a healing crisis.
This is the release of toxins or pent-up emotions that have been deep-seated for years. A better terminology would be a healing cleansing as the phrase healing crisis is in my opinion, negative and worrying.

Common symptoms of a healing cleansing can be mild flu symptoms, emotional release, headache or tiredness and they don’t last more than a day or so. Please feel free to ask me questions about this so that I can put your mind at ease.

Following a Reiki attunement however, symptoms may be more severe hence the requirement to perform self-healing with Reiki for a period of 21-days. As your Reiki Master, I am available to assist where I can with this process.

Is Reiki a religion?

It’s a spiritual practice open to anyone

How does Reiki work?

When we suffer the onset of continual negative thinking, it affects our mental health and such energy can become stored in our bodies that affects the natural flow of universal life force energy. This can ultimately lead to dis-ease.

Reiki can help shift these stagnant blocks of energy and help you to achieve balance of mind, body and soul.

During Reiki, the life force energy flows through your body synchronising and energising your vital meridian points while aligning and balancing the major chakras.



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