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Reiki Share

Amanda’s Reiki Share is held in her home in Liverpool on the third Sunday of each month. Your experience of Reiki does not have to end following your attunement.

Reiki Share

Amanda’s Reiki Share is open to you if you are a student of hers. Each month, there will be a topic of discussion prior to sharing Reiki. It offers many benefits, so please read on for further information. However, if you’re looking for a Reiki treatment, please click here.

Benefits of a Reiki Share

Firstly, when participating in a Reiki share with like-minded people, you will most definitely, experience how powerful Reiki is.

Secondly, you also get to practice and update your Reiki knowledge with the added benefit of nurturing your soul with loving Reiki. In addition, it’s simply perfect for some much-needed self-healing. It’s sometimes easy to neglect ourselves with Reiki and therefore, it’s a perfect opportunity to feel what it’s like to receive it.

Finally, attending a Reiki meeting also assists with your CPD (Continued Professional Development).

We begin our session with a meet and greet, which is an opportunity to share your experiences of Reiki over the past month. Subsequently, talking about your fears and joys is a major part of owning your self-healing. Anything Reiki related is discussed and shared which includes tips and tricks to advance your knowledge base. So please, come along and take part.

Next, we begin the sharing of Reiki.

Each of us in turn gets to experience Reiki from several practitioners of all levels at once. It’s simply an amazing experience especially when you feel the accumulation of energy within the room.

A Reiki share can be viewed as your opportunity to advance in your Reiki training because it doesn’t have to end following your attunement.

  • Venue: nr Court Hey Park
  • Cost: £5
  • Time: 14:30 to 16:30
  • How do I join? Contact Amanda on 07916 543 785 or use the booking form

Requirements for joining

If you have attended one of Amanda’s Reiki training sessions and you’re attuned to Reiki, you’re more than welcome to attend.

Reiki Share Timetable 2024

Theme14:30 to 17:30
Spiritual Blessing21/01/2024
Hatsurei Ho – Cleansing and re-energising technique18/02/2024
Turning professional, everything you need to know17/03/2024
Self care practices21/04/2024
The art of gratitude19/05/2024
Practicing mindfulness16/06/2024
Chakra and their functions21/07/2024
Colours and their meanings18/08/2024
Combining Reiki with other therapies or services18/09/2024
Connecting with spirit guides20/10/2024
Incorporating the art of reflection in our work17/11/2024
Reiki share timetable


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