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reiki attunement

Please note that if a Reiki attunement date is not suitable below, please contact me as I can arrange one to one training at a more suitable time. Also, there is no additional cost for one to one training.

In addition, my Reiki classes are for a maximum of three persons with the exception of a Reiki Master/Teacher attunement. Due to the complexity of master levels, these are for a maximum of two persons only. Without a doubt, this allows me to ensure a quality learning experience for all involved.

Learn Reiki with Amanda

Often, you will find as a student that when attending a workshop, you are inspired and eager to progress. Fortunately, learning with other students, brainstorming and interaction with your teacher, heightens your overall experience. However, what happens once you come to practice Reiki without this support?

Thankfully, with my experience of delivering workshops, I offer the following resources for students learning Reiki with me.

  • Firstly, I train a maximum of three people at a time thus providing an excellent experience
  • In addition, I also offer one to one training if you do not wish to train in a group
  • Furthermore, I’m proud to present my newly created student resource area that includes video and audio files
  • Also provided is a monthly Reiki share, which is a practical get together to practice and further our experience of Reiki
  • Continued mentoring following your Reiki attunement or learning is also offered
  • Finally, I offer £10 off a Reiki treatment once you have paid your deposit for learning Reiki

First Degree USUI Reiki Attunement – Beginner

Beginners Reiki training in Liverpool

To begin with, you will become more aware of your mental and spiritual health as you become awakened to the energy around you. As a result, the magic of life will be opening up to you as Reiki begins a spiritual cleansing of your physical body.

As a result, three months of self-healing and practicing Reiki is required before progressing to the level 2 degree of Reiki. Therefore, I will be teaching you the hand positions to perform self-Reiki. Also, you will be encouraged to use aspects of traditional Reiki to create your self-care routine to grow your spiritual journey. In addition, you can give Reiki healing to your friends, family, pets, and even to your plants, and crystals.

  • Cost: £150
  • One day course
  • No previous experience of Reiki is required
  • Meditation
  • The history of Reiki including the 5 principles
  • Learn about Universal healing energy
  • Receive 4 Reiki attunement
  • Hand movements to attain self-healing
  • Receive a Manual
  • Certificate provided
  • Free gifts to assist you with your Reiki journey
  • Access to the student resource area

First Degree Reiki Attunement Dates

  • Sunday, March 3rd 2024
  • Monday, March 4th 2024
  • Monday, April 8th 2024
  • Sunday, May 12th 2024
  • Monday, June 17th 2024
  • Contact me to arrange one-to-one training

Second Degree Usui Reiki Attunement

This degree of Reiki is known as the practitioner level and I will be providing you with two attunements, along with three of the USUI Reiki symbols. Moreover, this is healing on a mental and emotional level. In addition, these will enable you to safely use the healing at a higher and faster level.

Learn Reiki Liverpool

It is at this level of Reiki attunement that lots of students notice their psychic abilities growing stronger. As a result, you will see your overall health and well-being improve. Of course, those who you are treating should also notice a difference too. And furthermore, this level of learning Reiki isn’t just for professionals. You will be advancing and gaining overall benefit of the increasing energies. Don’t be surprised if at this level you are seriously committing yourself to a daily self-care routine that assists with your overall healing process.

Additionally, if you are wanting to provide Reiki professionally, you need this attunement. Furthermore, as I am a practicing full time holistic therapist who provides Reiki for a living, I will teach you everything you need to know to practice professionally and safely.

  • Cost: £180
  • One-day course
  • Must have completed First Degree Reiki at least three months previously
  • Meditation
  • Receive 2 Attunements
  • Receive three symbols and their uses
  • Continued focus on self-healing and healing others
  • Learn how to send distant healing
  • Learn how to use a crystal pendulum to check chakra health
  • Above all, gain knowledge from a full-time practicing Reiki master about setting up professionally
  • Receive a manual
  • Certificate provided
  • Free gifts to assist you with your Reiki
  • Access to the student resource area

Second Degree Reiki Attunement Dates

  • Monday, February 19th 2024
  • Sunday, March 24th 2024
  • Monday, April 22nd 2024
  • Sunday, May 26th 2024
  • Monday, June 10th 2024
  • Contact me to arrange one-to-one training

USUI Reiki Master Practitioner Level 3a

Reiki Workshops

This is healing at soul level and you will know when you are ready to advance your Reiki studies. In Reiki degree one, you experienced physical healing to assist a flow of Universal energy through you.

In Reiki degree two, you experienced mental and emotional healing. Now, you are ready for healing your soul, the very essence of you. Contrary to belief, you don’t have to teach Reiki to become a Master Practitioner. However, if you are wanting to advance in your Reiki practice and self-care, Reiki Master Practitioner holds many benefits.

  • Cost: £180
  • One-day course 10 – 6pm
  • Receive your Master Attunement
  • Explore your Reiki journey so far
  • Receive the master symbols and their uses
  • Extend your knowledge about symbols
  • Learn advanced Reiki techniques
  • Master practitioner manual and certificate
  • Access to the student resource area

Master Practitioner Reiki Attunement Dates

  • Contact me to arrange one-to-one training

USUI Reiki Master Teacher Level 4

Following completion of your Master Practitioner above, you may want to consider teaching your own students. With over ten years professional experience of teaching, together with Reiki, let me show you how it is done.

Stress release with Reiki

To begin this level, you will already be a Master Practitioner of Reiki of at least three months.

This level requires you to have a full understanding of Reiki both on a personal and a professional level.

Essentially, you are wanting to become a leader in Reiki and also wanting the honour of passing the gift of Reiki. Therefore, teaching and attuning your own students to Reiki is your goal. To this end, I strongly suggest that you revise your Reiki theory for all three previous levels by reading Penelope Quest’s, The Reiki Manual, A Training Guide for Reiki Students, Practitioners and Masters. If you have completed Reiki level 2 with me, you will have already been presented with this manual. Of course, during the day, I will be assessing you on your knowledge and experience gained so far.

If you are a student of mine already and you attend regular Reiki shares with myself, we will both know if, and when you are ready.

Finally, please note that at this level, you will have the option of joining me and partaking in the delivery of attunement, and training material for my students.

  • Cost: £250
  • One-day course 10 – 6pm
  • Learn how to teach Reiki effectively
  • Learn how to provide Reiki attunement at all levels
  • USB showing the attunement process
  • Master Teacher manual and certificate
  • Access to the student resource area

Master Teacher Attunement Dates

  • Contact me to arrange one-to-one training

Refresher Reiki Training

Once attuned to Reiki, you will always have the ability to channel it and therefore, you don’t require another attunement. However, I do understand that sometimes to build your confidence, a refresher session can be undertaken. This is especially true if you received your Reiki attunement several years ago.

I will tailor a refresher session to you and your requirements subsequently resulting in growing your confidence and knowledge. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Amanda and her Reiki

UK Reiki Federation

I am a practicing member of the UK Reiki Federation. Subsequently, I agree to upholding the UK Reiki Council’s code of practice. Also it’s important for you to know that you are receiving a high standard of Usui training.

Reiki Payment Details

Finally, I request a 50% non-refundable booking fee and further information can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Learn Reiki in Liverpool with Amanda

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