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amanda and her healing journey with Reiki

Hello and thank you for your interest. My name is Amanda and this is my healing journey with Reiki.

They say that Reiki finds you when you need it most. This is especially true in my case.

I don’t think that my words on this page will express just how lost I was feeling! Although I had lots of support from people around me, I was lonely and vulnerable. I was simply existing!

Fortunately, I am now enjoying life, my new holistic career and most of all, I’m experiencing and enjoying love. Of course, I’m also talking about self-love. Reiki allows me to be my authentic self!

Amanda’s Journey of Healing with Reiki

Amanda Norman and her healing journey with Reiki

My journey of healing with Reiki began in August 2018. Before this, I was practicing mindfulness and meditation, which yielded some positive results. Of course, it was early days since my break down in 2017 however, something was calling me.

There was a deep yearning within to reconnect with life, to find happiness and fulfilment. Looking back, I now know that I was in survival mode and each day was a challenge to stay positive.

Toxic positivity well and truly had taken hold and it was sucking the life out of me. Inwards, I was battling daily with self-care mindfulness practices, which offered a little escape in my world. I always knew that something was missing. Therefore, I decided to return to two of my first loves to assist me with my self-therapy. Reading the Tarot and crystal healing as I enjoy making gemstone healing bracelets to assist people with their emotional well-being.

In addition, I was listening and not dismissing my intuition of changing career.

Before I continue, I must say that the practice of mindfulness and meditating was a key aspect in my recovery. I still use it today, but on its own and at that time in my life, it wasn’t enough.

Is Reiki calling you?

Moreover, through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (CBT), I now challenge any feelings of fear. Going against your flow, your calling, only brings dis-ease as you struggle more with life. Of course, changing career is a frightening aspect and we must begin using reason and logic. Thankfully, I went with the flow and began thinking about a career as a crystal healer, and a tarot reader.

Why not?

After all, I still see even now, the uplift in energy I create for myself and my clients.

At that time, I could not find a crystal course to attend however, my partner, Mark, suggested a Reiki course as it would complement my other practices. Although I had vaguely heard of it I had zero experience. My intuition was strong to pursue it.

I must say that completing my journey of Reiki training, is to date one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Healing with Reiki

Since I found Reiki in 2018, I manifest change with a lot of ease. I follow my intuition and I most certainly don’t allow irrational fear to hold me back.

Today, I am my authentic self, doing and loving my self-employed career as a holistic therapist. I am wonderfully happy!

Wait, I’m wonderfully happy?

On the whole yes I am wonderfully happy however, life is not perfect!

Inner healing and incorporating the practice of Reiki allows me to remain stable in an ever changing world around us.

Love, peace and happiness is truly within us all. Reiki reconnects you with your soul and your path to finding and experiencing ‘egoless‘ brings many benefits. Healing your inner self is the first aspect of Reiki after all, you cannot give from an empty cup right?

You are the foundation of everything you achieve and want to fulfil in life. Incorporating the practice of Reiki strengthens your foundation. Also, your journey of healing doesn’t end if you arrive at master/teacher status. This is just the beginning of mastering Reiki.

My journey continues to bringing me feelings of love, contentment and excitement. Through my work, I continue my healing journey because understanding energy flow is vital. Thankfully, we learn this in Reiki Degree One.

With Reiki, I have removed many of my blockages that were preventing me from finding myself and therefore happiness. Furthermore, I continue to grow!

What is a Reiki attunement?

Some people refer to a Reiki attunement as an initiation into Reiki.

It is a sacred ritual whereby you undergo a process of becoming attuned to the vibration of Reiki. This process has an advantage of clearing out stagnant energy to allow you to channel Reiki. Only a Reiki Master can perform one.

Today, we see many styles of Reiki being taught across the world. It is important that you choose a style of Reiki to suit you. Equally important is your investment in your Reiki Master.

Alec and Ely 30/10/2022

What is Usui Reiki Training?

Mikao Usui is the founder of Reiki and sometimes referred to as the father of Reiki.

All Usui Reiki Masters can show you their Reiki lineage that will show Mikao Usui at the top.

Just like me, you too will learn Usui Reiki and therefore be keeping the traditional roots of Reiki alive.

There are many Reiki organisations that are created to ensure his original teachings are not lost. I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and I agree to upholding the UK Reiki Council’s code of practice. This ensures that you will also receive a high standard of Usui training.