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Mala Necklaces and their Significance

Mantra Mala Necklaces

Mala necklaces can be an important tool in our self-therapy, especially when you are improving your overall health and wellbeing. Today, I will explain how to use them and why I enjoy creating them.

Lately, I am following my intuition and I am creating beautiful, 108 beaded mala necklaces. As always, I am using ethical crystals that add to their overall beauty. Furthermore, if you would me to create one for you, please get in touch.

As we all know when practicing Reiki, allowing your intuition to guide you brings great benefits. As a result, I am reaping the rewards as I delve into the significance of the number 108. Firstly though, what is a mala necklace?

What is a Mala Necklace?

Not only can you wear them as beautiful necklaces, but they assist you with your meditation and mindfulness practice. Overall, we are wanting to align our energy with the Universe.

Did you know that chanting a mantra or intention, 100 times can align your energy with the Universe?

This is why mala necklaces have a total of 100 beads. Also, there are an additional 8 beads in case you miss any. However, did you know that if you are open to receiving Reiki by way of an attunement, you only need to chant a mantra three times?

Prayer beads and mantra necklaces help you to affirming your intention. In addition, making these necklaces with crystals further adds to our original intention. For instance, wanting to open your heart and not be afraid to love, Rose Quartz would be a good crystal to use. This simple addition powers your focus with more intention.

The Anatomy of Mala Necklaces

Firstly, a mala necklace features a total of 108 beads, a guru bead, and a tassel.

Anatomy of a Mala Necklace
  • Hold your guru bead, the biggest one before the tassel
  • State your intention and formulate your affirmation
  • The guru bead will hold your intention and is sometimes referred to as a spirit stone
  • Holding the necklace in your non-dominant hand, use your other hand to feel each bead and chant your affirmation. This will be done 108 time in total
  • When you get back to your guru bead, pay gratitude for this moment while thanking your guides. This seals in your intention.

Why do Mala Necklaces have 108 beads?

Do you remember learning about your meridians in Reiki and how they channel the flow of Reiki?

On the meridians, there are a total of 108 marma, nadis, or accupressure points that other disciplines such as acupuncture tap into. As a result, any blockages restricting the energy flow are removed to restore balance and harmony. They are also known as the ‘path of realisation‘, where consciousness and matter meet. Freely flowing energy through to the heart chakra aligns your energies with the Universe.

Within the Vedic alphabet there are a total of 54 Sanskrit letters however each of these have a masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energy. Therefore, 108 in total representing divine balance in the Universe.

Numerology and 108

1 equals one thing – 0 equals nothing – 8 equals everything, infinity. Universe simultaneously one, emptiness and infinite.

Geometry and 108

Each of a pentagon’s interior angles measures 108 degrees

Cosmic Connection and 108

The average distance from the Sun to the Earth is approximately 108 times the sun’s diameter. Also, the average distance from the moon to Earth is approximately 108 times the moon’s diameter.

There is so much more you can learn and I recommend starting with Wanderlust and their article, ‘108, The Number that Unifies The Big Picture with The Present Moment‘.


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